How to Measure Your UK Ring Size at Home

Buying a vintage ring online means the jewellery world is your oyster. But there’s one hiccup you might come across. Choosing the right ring size at home. Ideally, your finger should be sized correctly by a jeweller to ensure you choose the right size, but there are methods you can use at-home to find your ring size.

Your ring should fit snugly on your finger so it doesn’t fall off, but it shouldn’t be too tight or uncomfortable to wear. You should be able to slide the ring over your knuckle with only a little resistance. Ideally, your ring should come off without too much trouble but shouldn’t be loose enough to fall off.

We recommend finding the correct ring size before you start shopping for your special piece. You can find your ring size using our at home ring sizer measuring tool. Other methods to measure your UK ring size include using a ring size chart or a piece of string. Before ordering a vintage or antique engagement ring, use this guide to measure your ring size at home for the perfect fit.

The Best Time to Measure Your Ring Size

Your finger naturally changes size throughout the day and in different temperatures. We recommend measuring your ring size in the evening, as this is when they’re typically at their largest, to ensure the most comfortable fit. Your fingers will swell throughout the day and usually be at their smallest in colder temperatures.

Measuring your finger when it’s cold can cause you to measure it at least half a size too small. If you’re finding your ring size for an engagement ring, we suggest measuring your finger a few times throughout the day and in different conditions to get the most accurate size.

It’s worth noting that the difference between ring sizes is usually relatively small. Most people can wear several different sizes of rings. You’ll also want to consider the ring you’re looking at when deciding what is the best ring size for you. Broader bands typically have a snugger fit, so we recommend going up a size. Thinner bands tend to feel looser, so we recommend going down a size if you’re between sizes.

Tips for Finding Your Correct UK Ring Size

We have three tips to help ensure you choose the right ring size when measuring at home. These tips will help you avoid getting the wrong measurement and make it easier to find the best fit for your fingers.


1. Measure multiple times

Don’t just measure your ring finger once. We recommend measuring your finger at least three times on different days. Your fingers will naturally change size and shape throughout the day. You want your ring to fit comfortably all day long.


2. Don’t forget about your knuckle

Your ring will need to be able to fit comfortably over your knuckle. If you have larger knuckles, you may need to order a ring half a size larger to make it easier to slide into place.


3. Measure the finger you’ll wear the ring on

If you’re buying an engagement ring, make sure to measure the correct finger. Your ring size can change between hands, even for the same finger.


Using the String Method to Find Your Ring Size

One of the most popular at-home ring sizing methods is to use a piece of string. You want to wrap it around your finger until the two ends meet. You can also use a piece of paper for this method and use a pen to mark where the two ends meet. We recommend using a thin piece of paper if you’re not using string. Measure the string or paper against a ruler and read the measurement.

UK ring sizes are calculated using millimetres, so you’ll want to pay close attention when measuring the string. We recommend measuring your finger in the evening if you’re using the string method to find your ring size.

How to Measure Your UK Ring Size

Just like clothes, different countries have their own ring sizing charts. Generally, it’s easiest to find your UK ring size first as it uses a millimetre measurement system. You can then convert your UK ring size into another country’s size using an online ring chart.

The UK ring size measurement system is as follows:

  • G – 45.5mm
  • H – 46.7mm
  • I – 48mm
  • J – 48.7mm
  • K – 49.9mm
  • L – 51.2mm
  • M – 52.2mm
  • M – 52.5mm
  • N – 53.8mm
  • O – 55mm
  • P – 56.3mm
  • Q – 57.6mm
  • R – 58.9mm
  • S – 60.1mm
  • T – 61.4mm
  • U – 62.7mm
  • V – 64mm
  • W – 65.2mm
  • X – 66.5mm

Find Your Ring Size With Our At-Home Ring Sizer

The easiest way to find your ring size at home is by using our ring sizer measuring tool. It’s just £4 and an item you can use time and time again. This device is a small investment to ensure you buy the correct size for your engagement ring.

Place the ring sizer over your finger and pull the sizer until it fits comfortably on your finger. It should be snug without being too tight. The sizer should slide over your knuckles, similar to how your ring should move. The arrow on the sizer will point to your correct ring size.

Watch this quick video tutorial of us demonstrating how to use the ring sizer:

Find Your Ring Size With a Ring You Already Have

Another option is to use a ring you already have at home. This option is ideal if you’re buying an engagement ring for your partner as a surprise. You’ll need to find an online ring sizing guide and print it out, ensuring that the sizing is accurate to scale. Place the ring over the circles until you find the one that matches the inside of the ring.

Make sure you choose a ring they typically wear on the correct finger as sizing can differ between fingers. We recommend choosing a ring typically worn on the middle finger if you’re buying an engagement ring then going down a size or two, depending on the fit.

You can find your ring size by using our at-home ring sizer measuring tool to help you choose the perfect vintage engagement ring.