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Are sapphires popular for engagement rings?

Yes, sapphires are very popular for engagement rings. Their appeal stems from their durability, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday wear. Sapphires are also prized for their vibrant array of colours, including blue, pink, yellow, and green, offering a unique and personalised option for engagement jewellery. The use of sapphires in engagement rings was popularised by royal figures, most notably by the engagement ring given to Princess Diana, and later worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This royal endorsement has helped sustain the popularity of sapphires among those seeking a blend of tradition and distinctiveness in their engagement rings.

What does a sapphire ring symbolise?

A sapphire engagement ring symbolises wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. In various cultures, sapphires are cherished for their supposed protective properties and their ability to bring spiritual insight and peace. The stone's durability and hardness make it a symbol of strength and lasting commitment, qualities essential in a marriage. Additionally, the variety of colours available in sapphires allows for further personal symbolism; for instance, blue sapphires often represent loyalty and sincerity, making them a fitting choice for an engagement ring. These attributes, combined with their historical association with royalty and romance, make sapphires a deeply meaningful choice for many couples.

What are sapphires worth?

The value of sapphires varies significantly based on color, presence of inclusions, and cut. Inclusions, if minimal, suggest the sapphire's authenticity but excessive flaws reduce its value. The most prized sapphires boast a deeply saturated colour. Prices typically range from £500 to £2000 per carat, with costs escalating when the stone is set into jewellery—a meticulous process that adds to its value. Antique and vintage sapphire rings, especially from the Art Deco period, command high prices due to their exquisite craftsmanship and historical value. Some pieces reach into the hundreds of thousands, with particularly rare specimens valued in the millions. The combination of sapphires with diamonds in a ring also increases its worth, reflecting the popularity and added luxury of such designs. Overall, craftsmanship, age, and design complexity significantly influence the value of sapphire jewellery.